Loop animation delay help

Hi Guys!
I’m new over here, I’m really enjoying this forum! Thanks to all of you that contribute and help us noobs.
I have a somewhat embarassing question - that has been asked many times. But I still can’t seem to wrap my head around how to get an animation to loop with a delay.
I basically have a couple of 3D object with animation tracks (all the same duration) that I control with a single animation player. The animation start is triggered with a delay if the Target tracker is visible.
I would like to add a 2 second delay before it loops again.

I found this thread :

Here’s my patch :

And it kind of works, except that the animation isn’t visible for the first 10 seconds (something with the loop animation time)

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you very much!

Hi felix, welcome to LAB.
And there is no such thing as noobs or embarassing question here, we’re here to learn together :slight_smile:
For your problem, have u tried using pulse merge or switch+and logic patch combo to send the second pulse after the 2s delay to merge the looped pulse from loop animation to the animation?
Also, is the second loop after the 2s delay going to be looped forever as long as target tracker still visible or is it just for a one time event when the target tracker is visible? cuz i think there is going to be an issue if the animation duration is not less than the loop animation duration, so my guesstimation is that you should put a logic patch in between that acts like a buffer to keep the system in sync without interruption.
I’m not on my laptop now, so i can’t try to recreate it at the moment.

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Thank you! And thank you for replying :slight_smile:

So basically yes the whole experience is just meant to loop constantly when the tracker is detected. And yes I think you’re right about the sync being an issue, I’ve noticed when I think I have it working looping properly that it actually isn’t and stuff plays when it shouldn’t / resets weird etc etc.

But I’m kinda scratching my head right now, I’m not sure I get what you mean about the logic patch in between (not wure where you mean).
I tried to use the progress of the animation - so that when it hits 1 there would be a delay and then send a pulse to reset but I didn’t manage to get that working either.
All of this is just to avoid me adding the delay to the animation tracks and re-importing the assets, but I feel like that might be the most simple way haha

Right now it’s set to only start playing after the loop animation is complete. If you want to play it initially, you can use a pulse merge to combine two pulse signals (the “looped” pulse and the pulse from the switch). Pulse merge is basically an “or” patch for pulses.

Hey Josh thanks for your reply!
So something like this ?

This works, but not immediately - there’s a delay at the beginning when it detects the target tracker. But then after that delay it loops correctly with the added delay (1 second in the example).
I feel like I’m almost there but missing something critical

Well, resetting the animation just resets it to the beginning. It doesn’t play it again. You can use another pulse merge to get the play signals working.