Make up texture looks real

Is it posible, if i cover half of my face with my hand the make-up textures that i have added does not show in my hand? I recently saw a filter in tiktok that does that. The make up textures can be seen in my face but not on top of my hands covering half of my face.

hmm great question. But I don’t think we can do that in spark, cuz we don’t have any parameter that trigger any changes to part of the face or face landmarks other than face index that shows if there is no face, 1 face, or more. we also only have 3 types of segmentation, hair, skin and person.

I don’t have a long hair or a simulator with long hair that covers part of the face so i can’t test this, but maybe if what covers the face is a hair then maybe we can use the hair segmentation to alpha mask the make up texture.

I guess this could be done with hand tracking if you add an occluder to the hand. The hand tracking is only available on FB for now, but you could make a prototype to test out the concept, then release it on IG when hand tracking becomes available.

Another approach could be to detect the distance between the hand and the face, then apply an alpha mask or occluder to the makeup

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