Makeup try on for Web

Hey guys, hope u all doing great.
I’m wonderung what is the best way to create Ar makeup experiences for the web?
Which platform or development kit or library you guys used and liked it?

I haven’t used it but this 8th wall demo looks pretty nice

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Yeah 8thwall is one the best options but not scalable…
I’m looking for an api so i can implement in my application

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Can’t you do that with the Snap Camera? (Not very knowledgeable in this area so could be completely off here)

Not yet for the web, but I hope they will add it eventually. For now it’s only for native apps, which is a big pain.

I checked the camera kit, it’s not like a sdk so everybody can use it in their app and btw it’s not for the web yet.

I think they’ll do it soon because the web version of snap is really improving, And as i know they’re gonna stop supporting snap camera

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