Material shows up black on iOS phone

Hi everyone!
I am working on a filter and the textures are showing up black when connected to my patch set up BUT only when I sent it to my iOS phone. In Spark AR Studio all is looking good.

Here is a screenshot of the set up.
If I unplug the Material WingsMat1 from the patch set-up all is well when I sent it to my phone. So is it a iOS problem or something in my patch set up?

Thank you!

I had a weird issue with the option picker textures recently so that could be it. Maybe try using if/else since there’s only two.

Also it could be a problem with the material and texture combination. Try using flat (if you aren’t already) and see if that solves it.

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Wait, why the option picker goes to the alpha? it looks like the texture in option picker is a lut texture, and maybe the second slot of the mix is black with 0 alpha. cuz that happened to me a while ago but in renderpass background setting. even if it’s 0 alpha, the brightness value somehow still counts, so i had to change it to white with 0 alpha. i don’t know if the same problem still exist, but maybe worth to check it out, sarah.

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