Mirror a 3D object in Lens Studio

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
I am trying to figure out how to Mirror a 3D object in Lens Studio.
I made one half of a face mask design and since it has a decently big file size, I want to mirror it instead of importing the left and right side at the same time.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thank you!

so you can do this with a material editor where you can use texture as object and with the texture sampler and using the surface uv (that’s the texture coordinate equivalent of spark ) and using the multiply node you can use -1 in the X is u want to flip it left to right else do y if you want up and down you can flip the image .

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@rbkavin, the mirror master!

But I think she wants to do it with a 3D object, not just a texture. I’m guessing it can be done by setting x scale to -1. That might cause some weirdness with the normals, but maybe it can be solved by setting the material to be double-sided?


Hi @rbkavin and @josh_beckwith thank you for the comments!

setting the scale to -1 works perfectly fine for 3D objects! Just like in Spark actually! And yes, the material has to be set to double sided which works fine in my case, could be funky with other projects but this solution works for me!!