Mirror effect with different objects assigned to each reflection

Hello all! I’m building a spark ar effect that displays a mirror image of yourself, and I want each reflection to have a different object asigned. I cannot do it through face finder because it detects the user as 1 face, so it doesn’t attach a different object to each face. What could I do to achieve this?

In the image is a little draft of what it should look like (the top with a hat and the bottom mirror with a cap, for example)

I answered you on facebook community. I hope you can do it!

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@cloves.ar do you mind sharing your fix here as well in case anybody else would like to do the same thing @agar was trying to do here? :nerd_face::upside_down_face:

@cloves.ar shared this screenshot, basically, I attached the objects through render passes! Super grateful for the help :sparkling_heart: