Most efficient way to display multiple images

If I have a single circle that I want to duplicate it on the screen say 20 times, which method is better for performance?

  1. Add 20 circle textures into 1 material and use it on 1 object


  1. Display each circle with 20 individual planes/rectangles

I have noticed that method 1 has poor performance especially on iPhone. Does anyone also know the reason behind it?

Are you using SDFs or actual textures? I think drawing large textures might have some cost, but you could run it through a shader render pass and lower the quality of it.

I’ve also noticed that arbitrarily adding render passes in your graph will give a bit of a performance boost, so that might be worth trying in long graphs

have you tried just making a tiled UV?

like this, but you can edit your 3D object’s UV to the same effect, and use a single circle as texture

(using SDF as josh mentions will make your circles less pixelated)

I am using texture and circle is just an example. Thanks for the tip on arbitrarily adding render passes!

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