Multiple face tracker issue in SparkAR

I added a face tracker and added some objects to it and some backgorund, thought it would cool if more than one person could use the effect, so duplicated my first facetracker and changed the ‘track face’ option to "face 2 " for the second first tracker. for the first face tracker it is by deafult “face 1”. the moment i selected “face 2” the object in the scene has been disappeared. what should i do to get the multiple face tracker working?

It used to be that you had to go into the project properties, and modify the max number of faces you’d allow. However this has been done automatically by SparkAR for a while now… Just in case, go into your project properties and see if it’s been done properly :

sorry for not mentioning it above in my question, but i did it earlier. even though it’s not working.

mmmh, I have no ideas then… If you don’t mind, send me the file so I can take a quick look :
Will delete it once i’ve sent it back provided I manage to find a solution

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should i mail the .arprojpkg file?

yeah that’s perfect :slight_smile:

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i have sent it…kindly check it out mate…trusting on you

Ah ok I see what’s happening. You put canvases in your facetracker. The second facetracker is properly in the scene, it’s just hidden by the canvases from the facetracker above it in the scene view x)

In order to use multiple face trackers you should remove the rectangles and canvases from the facetrackers. I’ll quickly fix it for you, gonna implement an option picker setup for the material on the canvases. Should give you a good idea of how to do these things :slight_smile:

ohh…thank you so much mate… that means a lot…i owe you!!

just got done, sending the mail :thumbsup:

yeah thank you so much mate… :pray: :pray:

Crap the music isn’t looping, delete what I added in that regard and put the more classic approach you had before x)

P.S: I also retouched your occlusion a bit :wink: Getting too close to the camera would leave the occluder mesh to occlude your BG canvases

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ohh now i undersatnd it…thank you so much man

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