Multiple gallery Texture

Hi i’ve seen a filter with 3 rectangles wich used 3 different pictures from gallery… but when i add the gallery textures in spark they work with only a picture so i can’t choose various pictures… Please help me

Maybe some native UI could help there?

Took a look, despite being able to put several galleryTextures in your project, they all get based on that one image as you say. Any chance you remember the filter you’re mentioning? I’d love to take a look to see if I spot any hints.
I’m assuming it would be doing this using render pass tbh, but I haven’t played with that enough to confirm for sure.

@LoryTheHawk you can use render pass to make it but it only works with images. So u upload the image and u can take a freeze frame of that and use that . @josh_beckwith that will work right .

Yep that’s right. There’s a renderpass tutorial from Dan Moller here:

He shows how to take snapshots, but of course you’ll need some additional logic for controlling which delay frame is used. Maybe a counter and an option picker will do the trick

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