Multiple plane in plane tracker

How to create multiple planes in different positions inside a plane tracker with a finger tap?
In this way, a plane is created at that coordinate by tapping on the screen, and when the camera rotates, another plane is created with another tap.
What should be done now so that the position of the previous plane is fixed in its place?
The problem is not with the first plane, but when, for example, the camera rotates and is tapped again, the coordinates of the plane tracker change, and the first plane that was created appears in the new coordinates and does not remain fixed in its previous position?
Is there a solution for this? Of course, this has already been done and I know that it is not impossible

Exactly like this effect

You do need the plane tracker for something like this, but not for positioning. You only need the plane tracker in the scene to enable world space movement. I’m pretty sure you can disable the tap behavior for repositioning the plane tracker.

Your content should be placed outside of the camera object (and not in the plane tracker) so it’s in world space.

Here’s a thread that might interest you: SceneObject.transform.rotation and tracked planes - how do they interact? (scripting and/or patches)

I did something like this before, using particle emitters, I think. You can take a look at the project.

Yes, now I understand what my mistake was
Thank you so much :pray:

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