Muting audio when target tracket is not in view

Hey guys, me again with something quite basic that I can’t wrap my head around.
I have a patch with multiple target trackers that trigger the same animations and audio (client wants to use different images for the same thing)

I use the “target found” output to trigger the animations and audio. I’d like the audio to stop when the tracker isn’t in view.
With one tracker I did this by simply using a “not” node and connecting it to the “stop” of the audio patch. But now that I have two trackers I can’t wrap my head around the logic. Does anyone have a idea of how to do this?
Here’s a simple re-creation of my setup since I can’t share due to an NDA.

Thanks guys!

Okay, well client changed their mind - AGAIN
So dropping this, but I wish I knew how to fix it

I’m sorry, I’m still not clear about what you want to achieve with this 2 target trackers.
Why do you use ‘not’ patch when the pulse patch has ‘on’ pulse and ‘off’ pulse that will send pulses based on their state changes? where did you put this ‘not’ patch?

do you want to make the animation and sound plays out only if one of the tracker found or both found?
do you want to make them stop and reset only if both of them not found?

have you tried using a pulse merge? xor? or if then else pulse combination to the logic?

Try this?