Native UI buttons as Boolean or Pulse Input

Hi, I have a question about Native UI buttons. Since we are not allowed to make custom UI or buttons, Is it possible to use the Native UI Buttons to accomplish the following:

  1. Each buttons represent an on/off switch to toggle boolean value for visibility or enable-disable loop animation, or even a pulse so users can choose their own combination?
    we have 4 main item with 3 types for each item + 1 type which is blank. so total 16 states: mustache A, B, C and no mustache, glasses A, B, C, and no glasses, tattoo A, B, C, and no tattoo, LUT A, B, C and no lut.
    If we have to use each button to do OR pipeline, there will be tons of buttons and way too complicated. Would be easier if we only have 4 buttons to tap, and just tap the button again to change the state from 1,2,3,4 and back to 1. so people can try different combination before they record or take a picture.

  2. Similar to number one, but this time, is multi level. so when they tap the button, the ui button changes to a new set of buttons to tap. so they can just tap the second layer of button, then it goes back to the main buttons automatically so they can choose the next option from the other main buttons. or maybe with 1 additonal sub button that act as “back to main menu” while saving the selected type so it wll be preserved when they choose the next main button and so on.
    for example:
    same case as number 1. 4 main buttons (mustache, glasses, tattoo, and lut). but with 4 sub buttons each (type A, B, C and invisible). or 5 sub buttons with an extra button for “back”
    The type A B or C could be another model, or simply just a different color options.

  3. This is the most advance, and i don’t even know if this is allowed or not, so, it just like number 2, but this time, the functionality is combined with ui slider. maybe the easiest example is like the example number 2, where the ABC is different model, D is disable, E is back. and the slider is to choose the color, or the contrast, or the alpha/transparency or brightness, or metallic look or maybe even speed for animation.

  4. This question is for the performance. if all of the above is possible, which disable state that will improve the performance? is disabling visibility on the last chain will stop the processing before it? or it literally just the visibility but the calculation will be still happening in the background so it necessary to turn off everything behind it? or can we just simply turning off the source visibility or set the source value to 0 so there will be no processing anymore down to the output?

thank you…

You CAN actually have some custom UI, but it would need to be in AR/world space, not screen space - meaning you can have interactive 3d elements, but not flat buttons on a canvas.

I think Luke Hurd has some scripts for multi-level pickers. You could search the main group for that, but I tried my own implementation of that and it was pretty awkward. I wouldn’t recommend it