Need help with distortion texture and gallery texture!

Good day! I had been making a filter with target tracking and gallery texture for a while now. Think of displaying a logo or piece of text on the wall. I think it’s important that it seems more realistic. That’s why I plan to combine distortion texture with gallery texture, but I didn’t succeed in making it. Also I would like to have the scanned target removed from the screen with the help of Render Pass. Could someone help me with this?

Can you show what you tried so far?

As far as hiding the target, it will be simplest to just have the virtual content cover it up

I’m curious why you assume distortion textures would be useful to make it more realistic. How do you plan on using them?

I cannot get any further than this.

I would like to combine this effect with Gallery Texture. My goal is to upload a logo or something else via Gallery Texture and place it somewhere else. And I want to use this effect so that it looks more realistic when you want to show it on a t-shirt or something else.

I imagine you’d want the camera texture as the background of the scene render pass, right? And your distortion intensity is set to zero…

If you want to have more control over the distortion, you can do something to modify the camera texture before it goes into the distortion patch. E.g. contrast will increase the “depth”, brightness will increase or decrease the overall distortion.

Another thing that could help is using a blend mode to blend the resulting image onto the camera texture.

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