Need to animate static text so it gets approved

Hi! I’m making a filter for a friend that has the tap option. I used canvas to add text to the background and in the front, but I recently learned that static text doesn’t get approved by spark Ar. What do i do?

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot you can do. The most classic workaround they suggest themselves is to put all text in the facetracker, as that counts towards it being non-static.
Besides that you can try to reduce the text as much as possible and cross your fingers ^^°

does anybody know if linking text vertical position to face vertical position is enough of a tracking relation?

No idea sadly. I’m not too clear on what they consider to be sufficient movement :frowning:
We still get blocked by this policy and every time we have to try different things

I think the idea is to not have any text that is just a flat overlay on the screen, since that could also be considered “custom UI”. Generally you should be safe if you integrate the text into the scene, either by adding to the face tracker, or using a plane tracker to position it in 3d space.