Need to make good quality gifs? Here is an App for you!

Hello Everyone!
The lovely @josh_beckwith is presenting us with this amazing tool!

:smiley: GIFGOAT :smiley:
Convert videos into gifs that donโ€™t suck!

would be awesome to see some of your gifs created with GIFGOAT! :heart_decoration:


Thanks for sharing! Do you think it will be light enough for using them on a website? I need to find a way to upload light gifs so it donโ€™t take too long to open a website tab.

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@josh_beckwith has made many gifs with GIFGOAT :smiley: maybe he can tell you more :slight_smile:

Yeah this is exactly the reason I made this! You can change size and quality settings to find a happy balance.

Generally you can use auto play looped videos on websites, instead of gifs. The only requirement is that they need to be muted. I still use gifs in places where video embedding isnโ€™t supported


Thank you for the advice! Iโ€™m a noob when it comes to website and files sizes!

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