New filter with shader object tracking the head

Hi there,
Allow me to present my latest filter. It’s based on a ray marching Shadertoy shader by lsdlive that I modified heavily. It also borrows from Tomas Pietravallo’s ray marching template in order to place the object in 3D and track it to the head.
I spent some effort trying to use the head occluder in the ray marching code by inputting a height map of the occluder. Didn’t succeed completely so I created a slider where you can adjust the position of the head occluder.
The whole thing is rendered in half size in order to perform acceptably on older phones. Ray marching is heavy for older phones…
Anyways it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

Try here

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siiickk!! too bad not working in my potato android phone. and i followed you. i remember watching your videos when i learned spark ar for the first time. i knew nothing about shaders, and then you show me vertex atribute, sdf, and my mind was blown.

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This is awesome! It looks really nice, nice work around with the occluder (I know what a pain it can be :slightly_smiling_face:)

That is super cool! I really wish ray marching stuff was more performant on phones, but it seems like it’s only recently being used by xbox and playstation.


wow! superB! Im gonna usee it