NEW! Official methods for retouching and distortion with render passes

Just digging through the docs, I found a few new pages for retouching and distorting with render passes. I didn’t see any kind of announcement about this stuff. Maybe it’s not released yet, but I don’t have the latest version installed… so if anyone is interested in testing, please report back :slight_smile:

I thought I’d drop it here to give you all a leg up on the competition. There have been some related shader files in the app bundle for a while, but I still don’t think it’s widely known.


Hi Josh!!
thanks for sharing!!

I’m using the last version but it’s still not available :unamused:

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This thing is coming very soon :grimacing:


This retouching is still the best retouching:
lol jk. sorry :pray: runnnnnn :running_man: :running_man: :running_man: :running_man: :running_man:

@josh_beckwith Why you remove this filter from your profile? I love to tease my wife with it. lol

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I just need to update it. It has some problems with the new render passes. Maybe it’ll be improved with this new method