Noise texture and video recording

Guys, I took a standard noise texture, scaled it down to be very grainy and animated it with the Texture Transform patch. It looks cool in the camera and when taking pictures, but when filmed, the video loses quality as if the camera image had been stretched. Does anyone have a solution?

In general, the video recorded from Instagram is not of high quality, but problems may occur when creating the effect
For example, if you want to reduce the size of the texture, try to do this in a program like Photoshop and save the file again and use that reduced file.
Shrinking the texture in spark ar will decrease its quality
Because Photoshop uses algorithms that do not cause quality loss, or you are probably moving the texture at a high speed or you have created a complex effect that causes a drop in fps during recording and the quality of the video decreases.

Another method is to use shader to have high quality

This has been a problem with the IG video compression since the beginning. It used to be much worse, but even now there are problems with it compressing very noisy or highly detailed effects. I don’t have a solution other than suggesting you choose what you value more: the quality of the effect while the user is using it (especially messenger effects), or the quality of the video output.

I’ve made this tradeoff in some of my effects - usually opting for the live experience quality over the recorded output. It’s generally not good to prioritize the live experience over output, in terms of virality, but I like to put the user’s experience first.