Object tap and Z-depth?


I’m currently working on an effet where I’d like to apply a LUT to a rectangle on which I’ve applied the Gallery Texture. The trick being that I want to allow the user to switch the background LUT and the galleryTexture LUT separately.
In order to achieve this I was hoping to use Object Tap. However even though my rectangle is on it’s separate top layer, tapping on it still counts as an Object Tap for the rectangle behind it. Anyone know if that’s a bug? I basically can’t get background Object Tap + smaller rectangle Object Tap to work.
(You could bypass this using screen tap for one and nativeUI for the other, but that isn’t very elegant so I’m trying to avoid it)

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Update : Solved by applying the new object tap on the smaller rectangle. From that point the object tap on the background rectangle didn’t activate anymore when I tapped the small rectangle, which is what I wanted.
Basically as long as you only have one object tap on a rectangle, the whole screen will be taken into account, regardless of there being other objects in front of that rectangle.


Update 2 : This is very wonky once pushed on the spark hub sadly.
The objects taps get incorrectly registered at least 1/3rd of the time

The script API might work better in this case

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