ParticlesSystem Bugs

Hello fellow creators
I am trying to combine all the bugs related to particlesSystem class. When it’s done we all should submit the project in bug report section. This way it will have more chances to get noticed.

Current list:

If particles does not write to depth buffer, then they are not sorted correctly.
Far objects drawn first. Depth write is not an option, because we need transparency.
For some scenarios alphaTest will work, but not for any smooth transparency.

Inside planeTracker, particles could spontaneously change it’s scale.

Inside planeTracker, when scale changed size of particles goes wrong direction.
There is one workaround by Eddy Adams : Spark AR - Plane Tracker Particle Scale Fix - YouTube
which is basically, reverse scale of the new born particles. But this does not affect old ones.

If planeTracker is added to the scene, particles placed as world object
will change orientation.

Here is a link to a project. Please open it and leave a comment. Maybe you have other bugs to add?

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It’s awesome that you are taking the time to make test cases for these bugs! For organizational purposes (on the Spark dev team side), I think it would be better to separate each bug into a separate project instead of submitting them all in the same project

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Maybe, but i thought that it will be convenient to pack all in one.
Can you confirm that bugs are here?

Yep I have seen all of these before except the depth write issue. I think that’s sort of expected because that’s what the depth write is meant to do. If you need to get more control over the particle alpha, maybe it would work to render in a scene render pass and manually blend them?

I think scene render pass will not make much of a difference, because the issue is between the particles itself not the other objects.