Person Segmentation Mask "Status"

Hi! Is there a way to detect when person segmentation mask is working properly? I mean like no holes in the middle etc.? I’m trying to use it with fixed target tracker and it is causing issues when I’m close to the marker. Thanks!

There are some properties that you can access in script. It will tell you how much of the screen is occupied by segmented people, or if it’s occupied at all.

hasForeground: Represents whether there is anybody in the scene (TRUE/FALSE), based on whether the percentage of foreground is larger than a threshold.

foregroundPercent: Represents the percentage of screen space occupied by a person/people.

Just curious, what are you trying to do with segmentation combined with fixed target?

Thanks! Let’s see if this works. It’s a t-shirt print and the segmentation is needed when the person turns sideways :smile: