Photo Captured / Camera Info Module - Problem

First of all, I apologize for the writing because I am using a translator.

Come on I’m posting this here because I didn’t really find anyone talking about it, I need to use the trigger “Photo Captured” and the “Video Record” of the camera item on iOS works ok on Androids on both input devices and the more powerful ones “Photo Captured” just doesn’t work.

It was then that I resorted to the script, I don’t understand anything about programming, so I used the ready example that you have on the Spark website itself and just changed the name of the object to what I wanted to be hidden.

And again I faced the same problem on Android it just doesn’t work it takes the picture and the element does not appear, here is my last hope not to cancel this project, someone has already gone through something similar we have some solution or is this an app bug android version?

The idea of ​​the project is that some information on the screen only appears during the preview of the camera and not after the capture and that is the core of the project, thank you in advance and if someone can help me I make a donation on github or paypal!


Seems like you might need to bribe the spark devs! Definitely a bug. You can either submit a bug report, or submit feedback. I think they look at that stuff much more often than posts in the main group.

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