Pinning problem

hello, I’m trying to make a 3x3 frame but when changing the simulator device the frame gets messy. I have tried pinning rectangle but it’s still like that, does anyone have any solution?
thank you!

Yeah you’ll likely need to do some math based on the Device scale and/or ratio that you get by dragging the “Device” into your patch editor. These should allow you to format all your rectangles properly based on which device is used

Yeah, I think in this case you can divide screen size by 3 and use that as the size of your rectangles. I never know when to use screen scale, but that might come into play too.

Follow this video you can get the correct pinning and size setting:

sparkar-3x3.arprojpkg (5.0 KB)

Will that pinning method holds up when we change the simulation device from resizable window to iphone 8, ipad pro, nexus 9 etc?

Oh yeah! I forgot that you can do this now with the “relative” sizing option. I’m stuck in the old ways!

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I tried to put the pinning rectangle relative at side right. But when I want to use transition to position in the Patch. relative will becomes fixed.

I don‘t think you can use relative and transition the position at the same time. In this case I would go with the old model and do some math.

Thank you, I will think about other methods.