Plane Tracker Improvement in Spark!

Hi friends!!!

I have seen this answer before but I always forget to save it… how can we improve the not so great plane tracker in spark? Waiting for it to start or tapping a surface to start instead of auto starting seems to be the way to go, but how do I do that?

Any help at all is appreciated, I’ve been avoiding the plane tracker for this reason which is such a shame because it stops me from fully exploring back cam effects.

I hadn’t tried it before now, but the idea is to disable the auto-start option and make the user tap to place the object. I’m not sure if there were plane tracker improvements recently, but I just tested it and it’s surprisingly stable!

You could also use the confidence value to add another layer of logic to only show the object when the confidence is above a certain threshold


confidence level!!! Wow thank you, I didn’t even realize those outputs existed that’ll be a huge help

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Hi @alexis , glad to know you found the answer. I marked @josh_beckwith answer as the solution for now. Good luck with your project :beers:

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