Plane tracking sampling

Hi creators
In an effect like this I know how it was implemented except for one part that I hope to help with
How To sample the plane tracking Texture to a material for this moving part ??!

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I have been trying to do texture projection like this for a while, but I haven’t found a way to freeze the model view matrix. Ideally the delay value patch would allow us to take a snapshot of the matrix, but it just doesn’t work.

I bet there is a way to do it by taking a snapshot of some UV colors from the panel (using scene render pass), combined with a snapshot of the camera texture. I would need to spend some time actually fiddling with it though…

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Here’s the effect link in case anyone wants to try it out.

Yes, i tried to freeze the texture too, but it didn’t work, if i pass the texture sampler through a shader render pass, then it loses the sampler and becomes the normal texture that was input. And if you freeze the texture before the sampler, it does not work.

How are your results these days, did anything work out?

I realized that I solved this problem a while back, by leveraging the particle emitter. Here’s the project. The idea is that it takes a snapshot in space and then keeps the texture projection. It will only work on a flat surface, but hopefully that’s all you need for this effect.

spark-locus.arexport (630.2 KB)


Thank you for your attention and solving the problem. I hope it helps others here. Thank you, sir

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And how then to make it transfer the picture clearly on the plane tracker depending on its z position, if the plane tracker, for example, will always be in the center of the screen?

So, I realize now that my solution only works because the camera view aligns exactly with the geometry for the projection. It gets a little more complicated if you don’t know the position of the geometry before applying the texture projection.

Here’s a thread from the facebook group - you can unwrap UVs in blender and then apply the camera texture snapshot like that, but it comes with a similar limitation. The object needs to be positioned in the same way every time.