Portfolio thieves

Hi guys! How can we stop/prevent other “AR companies” from using our filters for their portfolios?

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Ugh thats horrible, are they passing off your work as their own or using it as part of a general spark “reel”? Either way, sending the company a message asking to have your copyright protected work removed from their for-profit site and marketing materials should be enough to make them pull it.

Always better to start off asking nicely, it’s usually embarrassing enough to be called out for so there’s a good chance they’ll take it down. If they aren’t so receptive mentioning that it’s a misrepresentation of their portfolio to include your work, and that you’ll make a public post clarifying that you don’t work for them and don’t contribute to their creative body of work should help.


It’s always gonna be a hard on to prevent others to use your creation as portfolio. Mostly agrees with what Alexis says. Adding a mention somewhere on your posts not to use this for personal or profit purpose is something useful legally speaking but it looks bad on your post. Writing an email if they don’t answer the first pm is always a good incentive as mails are more “official”.

Artists I’m working with on are most of the times mentioning in their stories that some page has used their image but it’s not them. Not tagging the business as they obviously don’t deserve visibility.