Possibility of creating a Bald Cap with hair segmentation?

I was thinking that now that we have the option for hair segmentation available, there must be a way to make a Bald Cap out of it, although I still can´t wrap my head around it.


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Yeah we’ve been brain-storming it here and there as well though we haven’t yet experimented to make it work.
The whole challenge comes from people with long hair. The hair that goes over the clothes, neck etc would be incredibly hard to remove properly. Maybe by asking your user to lift his hair, taking a render-pass pic of that and then magically reapplying it correctly after… But yeah, seems like a hard technical challenge to get to look right

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I guess it should be applied to tied back hair, yes.

The other thing that comes to mind is applying a scalp mat and somehow matching the user´s skin tone…IDK but it would be super cool to achieve.

I think the simplest way to make a bald effect is to just take the face extraction and put it on a 3d model. You’ll just need to match the skin color