Problem with links on a website

Hi everybody !
When I put a link on my website only Instagram camera was launched, not the effect.
But it works with the test link or when I test the link through Messenger or Gmail box for example…
Anyboby has encountered this issue ?
Have a good day creators

Hey, not sure I understand in which context this is happening. Rest assured though that I’ve had it before as well, a few weeks ago it was even common place for me, had to click on a link twice every time. It would open the IG app the first time but not the effect, as you seem to be getting.

Is there a difference between the link you’re putting on your website and the test links? (do you mean the link generated once the filter is uploaded as opposed to the link for testing?)

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Thanks Boris !
Sorry for my english :smile:
Forgot test link, everytime I put Instagram link effect on my website, everytime link well open Instagram app but only camera, not the effect…
I’m not sure I’m explaining clearly :wink:
Can you tell me if on this page when you click on the link on a mobile phone the effect launch or not ?
Thanks for your reply.
G’day !

It worked for me! It kind of seems like the IG and spark dev team like to move fast and break things, so there have been quite a few hiccups in functionality. The tryit links stopped opening the IG app entirely, at one point. It would send the user to the app store instead!

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It loaded properly for me as well :thumbsup: Though it asked me if I wanted to “open in IG” or “download app”, but clicking “open in IG” opened the effect for me :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys ! It work for me too one time over a hundred I think :rofl:
Seems like be different on every devices !
Thanks for your help !