Problem with the Makeup Template in Spark AR

I have this weird thing going on with the eyelashes in the Makeup Template of spark. Really often when I try to change the eyelashes colour, the colour starts to flicker, the whole screen starts to lag and I have to close the program. Sometimes it even crashes.
Anyone else has this experience?

What version are you using?

hi @laszlo
I am using version v94

Were you able to fix this? It also happens to me with the eye color and hair color blocks. I think it’s because I’m running an old mac OS

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Yes I experienced that too. latest version. When that happened somehow it fixed by clicking the node to create a patch in patch editor, then just delete it again. I think my first encounter to this problem is in v96.


Hi @Adi_Satrio and @bb100
I still have this issue, I had it in all spark versions and I have not found a solution.
@Boris said that the template might just be buggy in itself

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