Publish a Spark AR effect for a limited audience

Spark AR rolled out a feature for publishing effects for a limited audience.
The process basically means that you can get a private link for an effect which has great value for Marketing purpose!

To do so, you just have to follow these steps when setting the delivery platform of your effect:

  • Select “Only concrete platforms”

Below appears the option to change from Public to Limited Audience.

Here’s the full documentation

It seems there is no way to use such a “limited audience” effect on “existing media” ? or maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet ?

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Ah, I got fancied by wording. Figured after more testing that it’s just basically a new UI option for making sure that people understand the test link can be used for private sharing.

But we’re still stuck at 50 usages maximum.

Let’s hope that the UI option will lead tot unlimited opens of the private effect!

actually, I just noticed this… maybe it wasn’t there before ? :grimacing:


That’s cool! Maybe it was just bugged for the new link-only mode. I think the hub is the buggiest part of the whole platform.