Puzzle with Render Target or not?

Hi there guys! I have a problem that I can’t solve.
There is a lens with a neon tattoo on the face and neck
What would tattoo on the neck looked realistic and did not go beyond the edges of the body and clothing, I added a body and upper garment segmentation. For the neon to be bright I created a few Post Effects to darken the overall picture. The problem is that I can’t take the neck tattoo out of the Post Effects without losing the segmentation.

Here is some quick visualization

After adding one more Render Target

Neck tattoo is applying to the bottom of The Post Effects, but Post Effects applying just to body segmentation.

Here is a file project if you are interested to solve this problem and I would really appreciate for it :pray:t2:

The render pipeline in lens studio is still a mystery to me, but I managed to get something that works halfway. I made a render target to create the mask, then used that as the mask texture on the neck camera.

Neck tattoo issue-half-fix.zip (4.0 MB)

There’s a new issue with the face texture. For some reason it’s getting the post effect applied (or something…?). Maybe it has something to do with the light layers. I dunno.

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Amazing! Its work when I put Face tattoo to the Post Effect camera

And yes! Trully confused about how Target Renders working :smiley:

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