Radial blur on partical system

Hi! I am using particle systems to reveal parts of camera texture, I was wondering if it would be possible to achieve this effect using Josh Beckwith blur patches and how?

I attach a simple demo project here.

There’s a chance you won’t need to use blur at all. Check out this light rays tutorial from @finofinissimo. If you combine this with a render pass that uses something like .25 size, you can get some super smooth results.


It’s a great method, yes. Unfortunately not very efficient ( it’s just too much for mobile devices and quite buggy user experience:( i thought maybe bluring could be a “cheaper” alternative.
Sure I could use bunch smooth SDF stars and and circles . But if bluring would works fot this project, so it could work for any other particle explosions to mimic fireworks i.e;)

Yeah you can use blur too, but you will still need to downsample it with a render pass. That’s where the speed happens. Before render passes, this light ray technique was right on the edge of feasibility. Now it’s super smooth!

I have a radial blur patch in the advanced blur bundle if you want to try that out. https://gum.co/advanced-blur


Using render pass is key when using the volume planes. You can narrow it down to something like 0,2 resolution and it will run smootly even on cheap phones.

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