Radial blur

Hi, I need radial blur effect to make a great filter, I searched a lot, there is only one link that gives it to us, but because it is not free, it can not be downloaded and used for me, because the country where I live is under sanctions and I can not transfer any money :disappointed:, can anyone help me how to build this blur model?

This is radial blur link but it is not free :pensive::sob:

There is a reason why some stuffs are not free, mostly because not only it requires advance knowledge to make one but also because it’s super time consuming. I recommend you to check out Blur Kit. You’ll get a lot of blur variation not only 3. video preview: Spark SL Blur Kit

but if you’re willing to learn and go the harder way, I recommend you to learn about convolution first.
Then get the uv, make distance field from the pivot/origin/center (lets say the middle: 0.5,0,5), remap/normalize it so the value from the center and the edges is 0 to 1. it will look black in the middle and gradually turns white to the screen edges like radial gradient. and then use this value to drive the blur.

but because the screen is not square, the blur will look oval not circle, to make it circle you can simply counter the the scale of the uv by using screen size from device patch and there you go.

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There is an old general purpose (and open source) convolution patch project here:

You can use the directional blur in conjunction with the technique that Adi mentioned. You can subtract the origin from a uv and use that in the direction input of the directional blur… something like that. I hope this helps!