Random Selector Filter (Which character am I?)

I made a random selector filter but I want it to end on a specific frame each time instead of a random one. What would be the best way to adjust my patched to do so?

Quickest way it create two object with randomly circling images and object with specific frame and then switch visibility after delays

It’s hard to say without seeing your patch graph. Can you share it?

I have the dogs randomizing on loop. it starts when you hold down the record button. then when it lands on the dog I want another thing to pop-up and say “you’re this dog!”. I’m afraid to use the runtime with text because I don’t want it to pop-up too soon in case the person delays starting the filter.

If you want to choose a specific frame, you can add an if/else just before setting the dogs current frame. If the randomizer is running, show that, else show your predefined result