Removing effect from objects

Hi Spark Ar Creators,
I have a question. I am using a glow effect patch but it is affecting everything in my scene, anything that has a lighter colour has now gotten a glow. Is there a way to exclude objects from being affected?
I don’t know if there is an exclude patch?

I have attached a picture of the current patch here.

Thank you - I really appreciate any suggestions.

You would need to create an alpha mask with some render passes. After setting the scene render pass background color to transparent, you can render objects there and swizzle the alpha. Then you can apply that alpha to the input of the glow (swizzle xyz, then pack the alpha), which should remove those objects from the glow effect

Thank you Josh! This was super helpful.

I tried it out but I don’t think I fully understand how to put it together correctly. I don’t suppose you have an example how this would look in the patch editor?

I would really appreciate it as I am super desperate and have being trying to work this out for a week.

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I usually put the object into the Scene Render Pass that I want to apply glow effect.

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I think the issue as Jorik pointed out is that you’re plugging your entire scene into the glow render pass atm (bottom left).
Instead of connecting “Scene” into “Scene object”, just plug the object you want to glow

Yeah. Also, you can apply effect to the bunch of objects using same technique. For example add glowing to few different objects.

:smiley: guys post the last glow patch here so we can use it :wink: