Renaming the showcase category

We haven’t seen much activity in the showcase category, and I think that means we need to consider a change. We could broaden category to include critiques since that seems more like a community activity, as opposed to just posting something to say “look what I made”

Now that I think about it, maybe we should just totally change the category to be a place for reviews and critiques. It could be driven with some templated responses as a way to drive the discussions.

I’m open to suggestions for the category name. Preferrably space themed :alien:

Here’s some general advice on how to critique art, but I think our guidelines could be more tailored for the digital and interactive nature of XR. I’m also open to suggestions here :slight_smile:


I agree, I used to go on boards that did that back when I drew a lot, critique can go a long way to make you understand what you’re not seeing for yourself :slight_smile:


I’m definitely excited to use the showcase category, I just haven’t made something new in a while! Including critiques to expand the category is definitely a good idea (and if you just want to share work and dont want comments you can always nicely add that in the post),

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I guess “Showcase” word really scare the people =) so I agree and its can be named by Showcase/Reviews or smiting like dat

I’m liking “workshop”


a room, group of rooms, or building in which work, especially mechanical work, is carried on.

a seminar, discussion group, or the like, that emphasizes exchange of ideas and the demonstration and application of techniques, skills, etc.:a theater workshop; an opera workshop.

verb (used with object), work·shop·ped, work·shop·ping.

to experiment with different versions of (a play or other performance), often in a collaborative environment:Most comedians workshop their jokes in smaller clubs before adding them to a polished routine.


Hahaha. Newbie here and I was about to post that we need a showcase category when I found this thread :sweat_smile: Maybe we could have a WIP category for posting ongoing work without the pressure of asking for a critique/review?

That kind of stuff can be posted in the main category (e.g. spark, lens studio, XR) if you just want to share the work


I like the idea behind this. And yes we kinda need to make that category more interesting. personally as a beginner, when i found a “review” platform what i want is a place where every people who visit that section are:

  1. we know that people there are friendly and willing to help, being supportive, saying critique based on pure interest to help the one who post there grows. Because they care, not because they know better.
  2. reviewer are people who know what they’re talking about.
  3. posts that we found there are unique, no duplicate/similar, too basic, draft/less than 50% completion. why? because those stuffs should be in question category or regular category. this place should be a place where we can boost, polish, enhance, upgrade a finished or almost finished product. from good to fantastic! not from dough to a bread.
  4. there has to be a fun playful catchy rules/terms to make it different and shows our passion as a creative people in a creative environment. such as name for the “reviewer” and “participant” maybe like reviewer called “Astronaut” or “Master Chief” , and participant called as “subject one” or “patient zero/PZ” and things like that. I just find it cool that where we met others outside and can recognize each other with those “secret code” or something. just like being a kid again.
  5. suggestions should be proposed with a hint or guide or keywords to help the people who post there can try to figure out exactly what the reviewers meant and try to do experiment with it. not just random ideas where the participant spend hours trying to catch smokes bare handed and confused them.
  6. both reviewer and participant can get inspired by each other. or even can do collaboration if both parties are interested.
  7. I hate to say it but i think rating system should be implemented there. I know i know, it’s intimidating, it could make someone disappointed/discourage but it just there is something missing without it. if points that I’ve mentioned before are applied then there should be no worries. and there has to be a backup statement to justify the rating tha reviewer give. so no 1 star rating with no comment or reasons behind it.
  8. giving reviews or critique, must share the participant’s finished product in their social media. why? it’s a supportive environment. if we don’t help at least by promoting the participants product/social media link/tag/post, who would? i don’t really know how the mechanism work, maybe just like questions where participant can mark their question as solved, this time they can mark it as complete. and that’s where the reviewers are asked/prompted to give rating with final comments and the share to social media buttons.

that’s all i have for now that comes to mind right away, i’ll try to brainstorm some more later.
also i do agree about the space themed. it’s futuristic, it’s wondrous, it’s nerdy, it’s scientific, it’s artistic, I love it.

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