Replace Color by Gallery Texture

Hello !

I was wondering if it’s possible to select a certain color and replace it by an image from the user gallery with a “Gallery Texture”, and how would it be possible.

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Not entirely sure I understand your use case, does it have to be changed when the user adds a media or following another interaction?
It doesn’t seem like you can plug the GalleryTexture and a Color Value patch in the same Option Picker but you could do it by toggling visibility from the rectangle with the color applied to the another rect with the galleryTexture applied.

You can use chromakey on the gallery picker. I will have a tutorial soon for “sticky color picker”

Hi !
Thanks for your answer. Yeah it would be when the user selects an image from the gallery, the specific color (chosen by me before publishing the filter) on the screen is replaced by the image. For example, I choose to replace only the yellow), theres a yellow car visible on the camera preview, and when the user select an image from the gallery, all the yellow that is visible on the screen is replaced by the image.

I dont know if its really doable yet, but I’ll try what Josh and you suggest !

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That seems to be the solution to my question.
LMK when you’ll publish your tutorial !