Reset Native UI Screen tap [ Solved ]

Hi Creators, how can I add reset on each picker? When changing selecting options in the Native UI, the last screen tap remains selected. Thanks

You can use the value change patch (I think it’s in the library), and send the pulse from that into the “jump” input to reset the counter back to zero.

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thanks Josh. I’m using the Picker UI → greater than 0 → pulse → jump for each counter.

How do I configure “greater than” to add a reset between the picker n.2 and picker n.3 ?

I have multi screen tap for all picker.

Try using the value monitor instead of greater than. It will give you a pulse every time the value changes. If you want to reset the counters every time the native ui selected index changes, you can combine the value monitor outputs with a pulse merge, and use that with the counter’s “jump”

wow, thank u so much, I did not know this patch. :heart_eyes:

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