Retouch slider

Hello again :smiley:,

today I need a way to alter retouch with a slider without a script :smiley:

any ideas?

I already created a retouch slider in one of my projects, the thing is if I want to add a second slider its not possible anymore/it´s flashing and bugging :S

I want to create a filter with many sliders and pickers so you can change anything to your desired look, many people use retouch and I want to give them the option to change that aswell. :s

Sadly what you described is not possible (AFAIK) because of the “reactiveness” of patches and the fact you can’t store things in variables. It can only be done with scripts, Lasse has a nice script which I updated to Promises a while ago

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Thank you Tomas :smiley:

That looks like a solution to my problem BUT!:smile: I´m a ultra noob regards scripts :stuck_out_tongue:

I will look into it and if I don´t get it I´ll report back :yum: