Rigging object in blender is translated wrong in spark

I have this problem with rigging, it stretch and deform my model in a weird way. The left side look right but the right is always wrong.

I already tried to delete vertex group and weight paint automatically. I already tried to weight paint manually. In some versions it fix the problem but create other problems. The glitch just change position but still exist… I dont know what to do because it work the way it should in blender but look terrible in spark.

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This isn’t my area of expertise, but I know spark handles file types differently. The end result is always a gltf, and I’ve seen that format fix some problems a few times. You could try exporting gltf to see if that fixes it.

@mitsuko might know more. Can you post the model so we can see it?


I saved the file in gltf and it worked thanks. The only problem of this format is that its heavier on spark but I can manage that. Thanks a lot.