Running a competition based on ar games in instagram

Hey guys, hope u all doing great.

I’m wondering about how can we manage a competition based on ar games in instagram for brands.
As u guys know we are not able to do many things with the users of our effects, and checking all the stories created with the effect for a brand which has millions of followers will take so long.

Do u guys have any idea that we can manage this kind of competition and for example make a high score list and know who has the highest score or who finished the game or …

I will appreciate your experiences about this. Thanks

I think the IG API can handle stuff like this.

identify media where they have been @mentioned by other Instagram users, find hashtagged media

You could run it on a CRON to check for new mentions/hashtags and store those references in your DB, then recalculate the leaderboards if there’s new stuff.

The more common way that I found from brands who held a competition using instagram filter is simply just by ask the users to screenshot the score, post it in their post, tag the brand plus 3 friends, and put some unique caption with hashtag.

Few weeks ago Realme held a contest using filter.

I know it’s not as fancy as you would prefer but at this current state, I think this method is the simplest one. Also it helps the brand as marketing strategy to promote their product. The increase of engagement could also be another positive value for the creator to show the brand and to be documented as portfolio to show to other company. If I’m not mistaken, when the ig account set to professional, there will be an analytic or things like that.

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