Sample a point on the facemesh

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Is it possible to sample a point on the face (let’s say the lower lip) and have an object stick to that point no matter what (even if the user opens his/her mouth)? I want to add a piercing so bad, but nothing seems to work out. I am currently using the “if-then-else” patch to change the coordinates of the object in space, having “mouth open” as a condition, but I can’t control how many degrees a person opens the mouth if that makes sense. Help a girl out :frowning:

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Hi! you can use script for mouth points, or try your luck with “chin” for the lower lip

If you go the chin way, you create a null as child of your facetracker, in patches connect the null’s position to the chin’s.
then you drop your piercing model as child of that null, and move it until it looks in position

like this:


Oh, thank you! You even made a screenshot for me!

I tried with patches but when the user opens the mouth the piercing does not follow the lower lip ( it stays stuck to that assigned point). Is there a way without a script to make it move along?

you tried with chin? or just open mouth? chin should be quite decent as solution.

if “chin” doesnt does it for you, then in script it would go something like
to get the lower lip center position, then you have to send that back to patches or find the piercing and asign position in script as well

(i dont know why there are no patches for the lower lip, being available by script)


Thank you so much! Chin works fine, I just had to add and subtract some values to it. The piercing was clipping in my occlusion face mesh, that’s why I thought it was gone lol

I really appreciate your help!