Sample the colour from face texture and use in material?

Has anyone discovered a way to sample the colour of the face texture in Effect House and then apply it to a material?

I have seen a technique for doing this in Spark AR but I’m not sure how to achieve it in Effect House.

Thanks for any suggestions

Well, there’s no way to actually sample colors in EH at this point, but you can do some tricky camera stuff to make it work. The idea is to…

  1. Grab the face texture, assign it to an image, and scale it up super high so it’s sampling a very small area.
  2. Put that image into a camera that renders into a render texture. Make sure all of this stuff is on a separate (non default) layer.
  3. Use the render texture from the 2d camera in your face mask material/s (995.7 KB)


This is so clever, thank you. Will test this out straight away.

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It’s a little flickery, but you could add some more image layers and use blending to get a more stable average from different points. Anyway, it works well, overall!