Screen size Problem

Why I can’t do this standart size? Please help me… no matter what i did… Why? WHY? My filter looks different on different models of phones. What’s the reason for this? I tried all, texturefit 2.0 etc. but no…

It would be better if you can share your patch editor screenshot that we can understand what’s wrong

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The main reason of distortion is screen size changes. You need to change plane size accordingly.


Yes, screenshots please!

I usually use the resizable window simulator option when I’m developing stuff like this. That gives you a quick way to see how the size affects things and you can adjust your math accordingly.

It’s hard to say without seeing screenshots… The texture2fit might be working, but could be a case of the object the texture is on is not scaling properly?

Is the texture on a rectangle or plane? (2D or 3D)

Adjusting planes relative to screen size/scale I always use Josh’s Fit2Screen.
By default it will be the screen size based on the scale of the the device but if you want to make it bigger or smaller than just use some math with the output.

If it’s on a rectangle, you can unpack (vector 2) the screen size from the device producer patch and then divide each output by the screen scale and pack it again (add more maths if you need to)

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1 is iPhone 8 device
2 is iPhone X device…

Sorry for such a late reply, I’m not often on here.
I think the problem lies with the border image.

For the border I would use two rectangles, on white and one with the image.
The image, I would keep the patterns around the edge, cut a big rectangle in the middle and keep it fixed and centered.

I would then make your camera rectangles a fixed size and position too, using alpha to create the rounded corners.

This would keep the everything you want centered and fixed and on bigger screen sizes you’d just have extra white on the outside of the border/photos.