ScreenTap while recording is not working

I’m using the ScreenTap to start a transition, and it works in Spark and in testing devices, but now that the effect is online, when I’m recording the Screen Tap does not work (Works without recording though), Am I missing something?

Sharing the patch just in case:

Thanks in advance!

Apparently the problem only occurs in the “Try it” mode, I don’t know if it is a known bug or something, but it doesn’t matter now :slight_smile:

This is the filter link btw:

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Read something related on the sparkAR community forum on facebook. Didn’t check into it myself but as you posted, given it seems to be a bug on their behalf, it should be fixed eventually ^^

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We had this issue on a published project. As far as I can tell, this was a bug up until v95 and it required me to re-publish my project to fix it.

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I used v96 to publish it, but I’m going to try to upload an update to try that fix


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