SDF Line patch new bug

I just encountered a new problem (I believe it’s new to build 96 or 97) where including the SDF Line patch in the effect render results in an error saying the patch received the wrong kind of input even when nothing is actually connected to the inputs (FWIW the inputs are all vec2 and the error says it was expecting scalar) Just posting here in case it helps people whose projects are now broken (like some of mine are) I reported it through the bug reporting feature of the app

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Interesting, I don’t use SDFs so none of my prior filters should be affected but I can confirm that I have the same bug, and only for SDF Line, the others seem to work.

Update : tested this on v92 and the bug isn’t there. It’s a recent one

yeah I just confirmed it isn’t in 96 either - so it seems to be brand new to 97