Segmentation not working in Some Android devices

Any filter which has segmentation in it isn’t working at all for my phone as well as many phones.

I’m on Android 10 using Poco X2. After updating my software to MIUI 12, the segmentation filters are showing ‘This effect is not available’!

It’s not like they were never available for me. Mostly it’s a bug and yes I’ve tried reporting the bug but it’s been a week and no response.

Let me know if anyone is facing the same problem or if anyone have the solution for this.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Been reading about this on the community as well. They’ve most likely broken something and will take time to fix it.

For some reason everything seems to work on my Galaxy S8 though.

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not sure if this is the motive, (it certainly looks like it tho), but my new pokemon masters filter is not running on instagram (facebook seems ok)

kindda cringey when the client finally uploaded a filter that was working before aproval, and now doesnt seem to run… i think they already took it down =(

It’s strange because I noticed some quality degradation in the body segmentation lately. It’s way worse now, so I’m surprised that it suddenly doesn’t work on some phones.

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I am facing the same issue I regreat that I updated the app. They should at least give us the option to unistall the last update because I cant test my own filters now.

it happens with a v93 project so I am not so sure about versions being the culprit, maybe its the interpreter lacking some support now that they made a slight change on segmentation’s api?