Segmentation render pass

hai, how to render pass segmentation person with background?
the segmentation still moving like this picture… this frist time i use segmentation at render pass

Mask the camera texture with segmentation texture in Patch Editor and then send the result to your render pass

Segmentation to delay frame?

If you want to take a snapshot of the whole scene, you would send the output of scene render pass into the mix (not just the camera texture)

sorry i’m new in spark ar, can you give me example please or some tutorial youtube video?

I don’t know any videos offhand, but the solution is pretty simple. The mix is what takes the snapshot, so if you want to take a snap of the whole scene, just pass the scene render into the mix, like this:

It works, but when i add two rectangle for segmentation and for background. Rectangle is disappeared.

Instead of adding rectangles, you can do some compositing directly in patches. To apply the segmentation mask to the camera texture, create a pack 2 patch. Put camera rgb into the first slot and segmentation a into the second slot.

Then if you want to put the segmented texture onto a background color, you can use a blend node and pick the bottom color.