Setting up Threshold

Hi, can someone show teach me how to create a proper threshold for movement progress?
For example:

Case number 1: "Openness"
Eye openness or mouth openness, to animate an opacity/alpha of a texture.
We want:
When the openness progress at 0.3, the opacity = 0. and when it’s 0.8, the opacity is 1.

Case number 2: "Signed Value"
Face Y Rotation to animate other object’s X position.
Object’s original position: screen space. [X = 0.5, Y = 0.5]
Object’s X target position: Minimum = 0.20, Maximum = 0.80
We want:
When the head is rotating from 0 to +/- 15 degree, the position is not changing.
When it rotates above +/- 15 until +/- 45 degree, the position starts changing half way.
When it rotates above +/- 45 degree until 90 degree, the position keeps changing until reaching target position value.

The From Range and To Range patches will help you. From Range converts a number into the 0-1 range, and To Range converts from 0-1 to the specified range.

Since you are using non-shader signals, you can use If Then Else patches to make the logic for the rotation strength. I would take the absolute value of the rotation, then use Greater Than to determine a multiplier value

That’s exactly what i did but somehow it still can’t isolate stuffs from happening. But thanks anyway for the confirmation, josh! I think i just messed up in the range value that i put in the from range and to range then. cuzi basically do tons of guesswork since my laptop is a potato so it lags and the value jumps all over the place plus my phone to test them is broken. so… yeah lol. I wish we have like playback slider for the video simulation where we can just pause, rewind or jump to certain duration to preview, and also playback speed control would be a very sweet addition to spark AR.