Shaders in Spark

Hi, someone can help me with how to create shaders like iridescence or crystal for spark? please

Can you show some examples of what you mean? There are quite a few ways to interpret that

something like this

I haven’t truly cracked the iridescence shader yet, but there’s a bunch of information out there about how to approach it. It’s called “thin film interference”.

Here’s a thread that someone posted a shader in - you’ll just have to convert it into patches.

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I am also after this shader. Specially since the look and feel of the realistic glass has refraction.
All this physical phenomena must be recreated tweaking basic parameters from code to the patch (the shader patch).

I found out this, which isn’t much but at least is GUI approachable:
This other uses code: his gumroad has the most usable patch
This other gets it all done with reflection:

If you are a coder, this is a really simple approach onto how patches are done:

This is all my 1 month investigation now. There is no way to access physical shader properties unless you code them.

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You can adjust the ORM texture if you want to modify the occlusion/roughness/metallic parameters dynamically. E.g. increase metallic by adding to the blue channel of the ORM texture. It does require some patches, but at least you won’t be rewriting the PBR shader from scratch.

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